Kuwait Virtual Interview Event -November

Virtual Interview Event – US Kuwait Schools - 28 November 2021

Edvectus is holding an exclusive virtual event for a group of quality American/IB schools in Kuwait on Sunday 28 November 2021 or over 100 jobs starting August 2022.   Get yourself sorted before Christmas!

Subjects needed:

  • Kindergarten and Elementary (Primary) homeroom teachers**
  • Middle and High School English Teachers **
  • Middle and High School Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and History Teachers
  • US College Counsellors **

**For these subjects, applicants must be North American (US/Canadian) passport holders. 

Per Ministry of Education regulations, all teachers must have a bachelors degree in their teaching subject. Elementary teachers must have a Bachelors of Education or a degree in a core subject taught at Elementary level such as  English, Math or Science. Counsellors must have a relevant bachelors degree such as Psychology.

Support/staff at the school is by far the best I've ever worked with in education. Whether it was teaching in the U.S., China, or Kuwait, the  admin was incredibly supportive and helpful. ... As for new skills, I definitely enhanced my content knowledge (Language Arts) because of the academic freedom. I also feel more confident with classroom management, and technology because the internet can be a weird thing from teaching all online in 2020-2021 to having everyone be on the same slow network once we returned to the classroom this year. Lastly, patience, patience, patience. This refers to the catch as catch can philosophy. Not all students get things done at the same speed and not all learn at the same speed. So, just providing differentiated instruction as best you can while also understanding the reality that some students will submit assignments super late will save you many headaches.  - US teacher working in Kuwait at this school group  (2021)


Benefits of teaching in Kuwait  

(See our interviews with teachers in Kuwait - Janette and Nathan   )

  • Savings potential. Tax free salaries from US$30,000 to $40,000 with free furnished apartment, annual flights, free medical insurance, end of contract bonus and free tuition for up to 2 eligible dependent children on top. The cost of living in Kuwait is about 50% less than nearby Dubai and the USA, so the package has the same buying power as a US salary of $60,000 – $80,000.  The tax-free package means that what you see is what you get – in most other countries you lose 20% to 40% of your salary to various state and local taxes. Because of the comprehensive package that covers housing, medical and flights, most teachers report easily saving $15,000 or more each year.
  • Family friendly - flights and medical for 2 dependents, free tuition for 1 child. 
  • Less competition for top jobs. Kuwait is less well known than the UAE, where schools receive hundreds of application for each job. You have a better chance of getting a job in Kuwait and you will be considered by a better quality of school at every level.
  • Get your job sorted early. Getting a job now for next academic year will take the stress out of moving abroad. The friendly HR team will answer all of your questions and guide you as you get your visa and transition for your first year of teaching.
  • This school group takes good care of its teachers.  Even with the effect of the Covid crisis, this school went over and above to make sure its teachers were well supported. We have hired many teachers for this school over the years, and they have reported great things about our school. The school’s campuses are in the heart of Kuwait, with a wonderful, supportive team of teachers and an excellent senior leadership team
  • Professional Development. These schools invest in their teachers through internal and external professional development courses. They have excellent staff retention and prefer promotion from within.    
  • Kuwait is an excellent gateway to the dazzling Arab culture in the Gulf. Kuwait is less well known than its neighbor Dubai but has so much to offer the international teacher. It’s welcoming to expatriates and has a vibrant expatriate community.  A modern metropolis with modern malls, a plethora of activities and great food culture. It is a very safe place with a very low crime rate.  With a strong history of international education, we think Kuwait deserves to be better known.  Learn more about Kuwait on our FAQ page HERE

Registration and Requirements to participate

  • Edvectus has been contracted by our client school to run this event, and attendance is by invitation only. THERE IS NO FEE TO ATTEND, however candidates must be pre-screened by Edvectus before attending.

We invite qualified Primary and Secondary school teachers of all subjects to apply.  


Please take note of the following visa criteria:

  • An undergraduate degree that matches the subject taught (Ministry requirement)
    • If you are a primary teacher, this would include either a Bachelors in Primary or Elementary Education, or an undergraduate Degree in English and a PGCE or M’Ed in Primary teaching.
    • Secondary/Middle/High School teachers must have a degree in the subject they are teaching (eg Mathematics Teachers must have a Mathematics Bachelor’s Degree. English teachers must have an English Bachelor’s Degree, etc)
  • A teacher’s license/Registered teacher/ Qualified Teacher status from UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.
  • A current, valid passport from one of the following countries: USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or Kuwait (Ministry requirement)

To get started apply below or register at www.edvectus.com. Staff from Edvectus and our client school will be on hand on the day to talk to you about any questions about teaching abroad, so it’s a great opportunity to learn and prepare for your next adventure.

Edvectus will also give you lots of school information, interview tips and more.

Safer Recruitment

Edvectus and our client schools believe in Safer Recruitment. All successful candidates will undergo rigorous Child Protection screening including reference and criminal history checks.