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The Edvectus Learning Portal is a collection of hundreds of resources that have been created or selected to assist teachers to prepare for teaching careers abroad.

Available online, they are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week....

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Secondary ICT Teacher (Middle School Girls) - Kuwait - Immediate

Middle East | Secondary/ Middle(12-15)


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Primary Learning Support Teachers - Kuwait - Immediate

Middle East | Primary-Lower (5-7), Primary-Upper (8-11)


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Primary Year 4 Teacher - Nanjing, China - January 2016

Far East / East Asia | Primary-Upper (8-11)

This is an IB World School offering the PYP for children between the ages of...

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What Clients Say

A. Mirhaj, Superintendent of School, Kuwait.
Edvectus consists of staff who are highly professional and experienced in the recruitment industry. They use their expertise to ensure the highest rate of success for all the placements that they make.
P. Issa, Kindergarten Principal, Abu Dhabi
The best thing about dealing with Edvectus, apart from their efficiency and capability of providing excellent candidates, is their ability to make you feel as one the team. Caring about their clients is what makes them special.
Andrew Maiden, Owner and publisher of British...
Edvectus' knowledge of the intricacies of recruitment for international schools is top-notch.
A. Trikha, Recruitment Director, Kuwait
I consider Edvectus a true recruitment partner. They have a deep understanding of the international school and teacher recruitment markets, and use that knowledge to find me the best staff at any time of year. Edvectus is staffed...
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Edvectus is a friendly and innovative company that combines international teacher recruitment with a learning portal for teachers who wish to improve their teaching skills, enhance their knowledge of international curricula. The mission of Edvectus is found in two Latin words that combine to make its name- "Educo" -... Learn more

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A CfBT representative is coming to New Zealand to present information on living and teaching in...

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A CfBT representative is coming to New Zealand to present information on living and teaching in...

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