Case Studies: Learn from other teachers

Hear from other international teachers about their experiences.

Click on the names below to read our interview with each teacher who has made their own unique journey from home to away. 

Read about teachers in: Hong Kong  |   China   |    Kuwait  |  Oman   |  United Arab Emirates  |   Kazakhstan

Hong Kong



Chris- in Hong Kong




Theresa - in China 

Nathan - in China

Rachel - in China




Laurie - in Oman

Vance - in Oman

United Arab Emirates



Danielle - in a Northern UAE Emirate

Michelle - in UAE

Latonia - in the UAE 


Chris - in Abu Dhabi 


Brandon and Jennifer - in Abu Dhabi

Susan - in Dubai

Mohammed - in Dubai 




Janette- in Kuwait


Nathan - in Kuwait




Deon - in Kazakhstan 


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