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Looking for teaching jobs abroad? Edvectus matches western-trained teachers with international teaching jobs.

It's as simple as that. 

Edvectus is a friendly, innovative company that combines international teacher recruitment with a learning portal for teachers who wish to improve their teaching skills, enhance their knowledge of international curricula and their knowledge of working abroad.

As an international teaching agency, we specialise in matching internationally minded qualified teachers with appropriate internationally based schools and our unique approach allows our candidates to access carefully developed and moderated online training that will enable them to land their dream teaching jobs abroad. At the same time our clients minimise their risk by hiring teachers who are qualified, screened, trained and informed about their school, their region and the challenges of working abroad.

Our consultants are ex-teachers with international experience and our Learning Portal is a valuable tool that is free to our registered candidates.

Who are we? Meet some of the team.   

London  Office


Diane Jacoutot

Managing Director


Education:  B.Sc Engineering (USA), MBA (UK)

International experience:  I have lived and worked in the US and the UK and have travelled to over 35 different countries in Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Far East. 

Why international teacher recruiting?  I like the idea that I can help teachers make better choices by giving them well-researched information and guidance based on my 15 years’ experience. I also like helping schools find teachers who are well matched to their needs. I get satisfaction out of a job well done.  I love the fact that I learn something new every day- whether it’s a cultural insight, new market information or changing visa requirements- this job keeps me on my toes. 

My favourite travel memory:   I have two. For work it was when I took a train across the steppes of Kazakhstan. It was both surreal and beautiful. For fun it was renting a seafront house with my extended family in rural Croatia.  In both cases hardly anyone spoke English which is probably what made it so happily memorable. I love a challenge!



Hannah Brant

Recruitment Manager, Europe

Education: MA English Literature and Film Studies (UK), TEFL Certified (UK)

International Experience: I was born in London but grew up in Northern Ireland. After graduating I moved to Asia to teach English for six months but ended up working and living abroad for six years. I have taught a range of students from kindergarten to adults in China, Hong Kong, Thailand and Spain. I love travelling and have been to 30 countries throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas. 

Why international teaching recruiting? Moving abroad to work as a teacher was one of the best things I have ever done. I met people from all over the world, made some lasting friendships, gained a wealth of knowledge about Asian and other cultures, and travelled across the globe before returning to the UK. To have the opportunity to now encourage teachers to move abroad felt like the next step after teaching. I am passionate about education and travel and can relate to teachers concerns about making the life changing decision to move abroad. I am excited to help and support teachers in finding the right school and getting them started on their global adventure. 

Favourite travel memory: There are so many to choose from but I’ll mention two that really stand out. The first is camping on the Great Wall of China with my now husband and a group of friends. We spent the day hiking through the mountains, set up camp on the Wall itself, and the night was spent having a BBQ and Chinese Baijiu whilst trying not to fall off the Wall in the dark. But the best part was watching the sunrise over the Wall and the Beijing countryside. The second has to be watching a herd of elephants in the wild during our bush trip at Kruger National Park, South Africa, literally the best thing ever!



Anda Banks

International Recruitment Consultant

Education: BA Chinese Studies (UK), MA Chinese Studies (UK), TEFL Certified

International Experience: I have lived in China and have travelled the region extensively. I taught in Shaanxi province for two years and then spent a year studying Mandarin at Tianjin Normal University. Before moving to the UK to do a degree in Chinese Studies, I taught in Sudan for half a year. Going abroad has been a great opportunity to broaden my horizons and experience different cultures.

Why international teacher recruiting?  Moving abroad can be a life changing decision and can often feel overwhelming. I enjoy working in recruitment because I’m passionate about the service that we provide – well researched advice and guidance. Edvectus only works with reputable schools and I enjoy helping teachers to secure their next positions knowing that they will gain invaluable experience whilst being placed at schools that will take good care of them!

My favourite travel memory: Whilst I have many memories from my travels that I savour, I especially enjoyed the three weeks that I spent backpacking across southern China and Vietnam. Once I reached Hanoi I took a boat to Cat Ba island where I spent two days sleeping on the beach and enjoying the local seafood. 



Katie Ackland 

International Recruitment Consultant

Education: Bachelor of International Commerce & Spanish, CELTA and CELTA Young Learners

International experience: I completed my education in Ireland and Spain. During my time in Spain at university I first began teaching on the side. After finishing my studies, I decided to start teaching full-time so completed my CELTA training and return to Northern Spain – living and working for four years in Santander and then in the Basque Country in San Sebastian. I also love Latin America and have taught in primary schools there on a voluntary basis. I now live in London, working for Edvectus.  

Why international teacher recruiting? Because I am interested in education and its international market. I also like dealing with people and helping them do something really exciting and rewarding whilst appreciating how big a decision/move it is to make. 

My favourite travel memory: Scuba diving at night in Honduras with glow-in-the-dark plankton! 


Helga van Niekerk

Recruitment Associate in South Africa


Qualifications - Bachelor of Nursing (Education & Community of Health)

International Experience - I was born in Zimbabwe but moved to Cape Town in 1982. I love to cruise and have pretty much covered right the way round the African continent, stopping at some wild and exotic places along the way.

Why International Teaching Recruitment - Edvectus and I met in 2014 and immediately got on very well! Being people orientated and having a desire for teachers to succeed, I love being a small cog in the recruitment wheel.

Favourite travel memory - Cruising out of Venice at sunset - it was just the most spectacular thing I've ever seen.  



Jordan Hunkin 

Account Manager - Asia Pacific

Education: BA Journalism & Media (UK), TEFL Certified (UK)
International Experience: I’ve lived in the UK for half my life and abroad for the other half. I was born in Rome but grew up in London to American parents and had the fortune to be able to work in the UK, USA, Spain and many different parts of China and Hong Kong... All thanks to teaching!  I love travelling and recently hit my 50th country across Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America, and South America and hopefully will be able to visit Antarctica one day.

Why international teaching recruiting? Teaching abroad was one of the best things I’ve ever done. In terms of job satisfaction, the food I ate, the experiences I had, the things I learnt, the people I met and the friends I made will probably never be matched. When I set out to teach abroad all those years ago I wish the recruiters that I used were as helpful, genuine and knowledgeable as my colleagues here at Edvectus. I’ve worked within other recruitment companies that give good recruiters a bad name and to now have the opportunity to encourage teachers to move abroad in safe hands and find either their dream job, enhance their career prospects or have an amazing adventure felt like the next step for someone who is passionate about education and travelling. 

Favourite travel memory: There are so many to choose from, even when things didn’t go right they have a special memory looking back. My favourite would probably have to be in Salar de Uyuni. Amid the Andes in southwest Bolivia, taking a jeep through the world’s largest salt flats, hiking to the top of a volcano, visiting an island of giant cactuses and sleeping in a hotel made entirely of salt won’t be a place I’ll easily forget.


United Arab Emirates Office


Neil Ollier

Business Development Director

Education:  B.Sc. Plant Biology (UK), PGCE Secondary Science (UK), MREC (UK)

International experience: I have taught in Kuwait for 2 years and have lived with my family in Dubai, UAE for over a decade, during which time I have travelled to many countries throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

Why international teacher recruiting? International teaching dramatically changed my life both professionally and personally and catapulted me in new and exciting directions I never before considered. Being part of a life changing experience for a teacher wanting to work overseas is a very responsible position to be in, as this is a lot more than sending a teacher down the road for a day of supply, and I love it. Being located in the region where we place teachers has helped me professionally and culturally connect with a wide range of schools across the Middle East which has enormously supported teachers and schools find the right match for each other.

My favourite travel memory:  My goodness, I have so many from which to choose so let me highlight a quick few:  black water rafting in New Zealand, deep sea fishing in the Caribbean, tracking a cheetah in Kenya, joining the Buddhist pilgrimage climbing Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka, accidentally almost selling my wife for 20 camels in Giza. Despite my extensive travel experiences, I just love fell walking in my home country in the Lake District in the UK, can’t beat it!



Diane (Dee) Brereton

Account Manager- Abu Dhabi Education Council

Education:  B. Ed Hons, NPQH (UK).

International experience: I grew up in London and spent over 20 years as a teacher then head teacher working in London schools. I love travelling and have visited over 30 counties world- wide and always wanted to experience living abroad. I relocated to Abu Dhabi in 2012 as I was given the opportunity to live and work in an international setting: ticking another thing off on my bucket list!  
Why international teacher recruiting? I relish being part of the journey that enables teachers to realise their dream and ambition to live and work abroad. It is an opportunity that has the potential to change the way you think, act and experience life. I having made the move myself I understand that it is a little daunting but my role is to provide suitable opportunities that are the right fit for those who wish to work abroad.

My favourite travel memory: The joy of being stuck in camel traffic on my way to visit a school. Unfortunately I did not capture this moment on film but the memory of it is imprinted on my mind and still makes me chuckle when I think about it. 


North America Office


Carrie Sanders

International Recruitment Consultant 

Education BA in English, TEFL and TEFL-C Certified

International experience:  I have been working in international education in some capacity for the last 15 years.  My first post abroad was teaching at a small chain of language schools in Southern Poland.  After that I was in Shanghai for 6 years in educational management and HR.  I have also worked as an HR manager for a school in Abu Dhabi and spent a year in Saigon as an Academic Director of a growing chain of test prep centers.  Now, I have settled in Europe again and I am happy to be back in recruitment!

Why international teacher recruiting? It’s so satisfying to help others make their dreams of teaching abroad come true. Living and working abroad is a truly transformative experience- and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.  

My favourite travel memory:   For me, the best memories I have of travel are due to the people I have met around the world.  I think back on good times with friends: brunches in Shanghai, rooftop bar-hopping in Saigon, lazy afternoons on the Market Square in Krakow, magazines and cocktails poolside in Abu Dhabi.  Lifelong memories and forever friendships!



Jessica Howard

International Recruitment Consultant

Education:  BS in HR Management, BS in Business Management, MBA in Human Resources, Post-Master’s Certified (Ph.D ABD) in Human Resource Management.  

International experience: HR Director for an international language services consulting firm in Tokyo, Japan and four year of international ESL teaching experience for Japanese students of all ages.  Has also lived and worked abroad in Saudi Arabia.  

Why international teacher recruiting? I am very passionate about helping people find positions that further their career.  I feel that teachers are critical and very important in shaping the children of the world, and the future of society.  I enjoy utilizing my international experience to help teachers understand the many options of teaching abroad.  

My favourite travel memory:   My favourite travel memory would have to be traveling to China and standing on the Great Wall of China.  Being able to see something so vast and amazing, something that I had remembered seeing in history books throughout school, was a memory I will never forget.  

Josh Vick

Marketing Manager 

Education:  BFA Advertising & Design (Art Institute Chicago)

International experience: Over 10 years of marketing experience for international clientele in a variety of industries, from e-commerce and hospitality to automotive, publishing and petroleum. I've been working remotely and living abroad for the last 6 years.

Why international teacher recruiting? Recruitment is a different style of marketing than other industries. While I've enjoyed my past experiences, I prefer promoting something more valuable and personal than everyday products to everyday consumers. Working at Edvectus allows me to focus on something I feel good about. We help teachers travel, build their resumes, and gain international experience that can improve their career. We also make it possible for students all around the globe to learn from some of the finest and most versatile educators on the planet.

My favourite travel memory: Probably the Mayan ruins in Tulum. Situated on bluffs overlooking a famous stretch of Caribbean beach, there's a hidden pocket of sand below claimed as one of the most mystical and gorgeous beaches in the world. Swimming in the vivid turquoise water against the slate gray stone topped by lush green palms (and of course the ruins themselves) is unforgettable. A close second was pure luck - seeing Aurora Borealis in Northern Ontario at a time when even the locals said it's never been so intense before.

Australasia  Offices (Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong) 


Abby Gormack

Account Manager - Asia Pacific 

Education: BA (Hons) History & American Studies (UK), PGCE Secondary (History) (UK)

International experience: I am originally from the East Yorkshire in the UK but moved to Sydney, Australia 9 years ago. The plan was to move for 2 years and then go home... I love travel and experiencing new places and at last count I think I have been to 24 countries for either work or pleasure. I hope to experience many more for both reasons.

Why international teacher recruiting? I really enjoy working with the schools in South East Asia and the Far East and connecting with people from different countries. Learning about countries I’ve never been to and learning about different cultures – even just through interactions with local or expatriate staff working in a school – is fascinating to me and keeps me constantly interested in my job. The feeling of placing someone in their dream job or of introducing someone to the next exciting chapter in their lives is really good and I love it when teachers let us know about their experiences or write a blog we can read.

My favourite travel memory:  Sampling the obligatory Singapore Sling in the amazing Raffles Hotel in Singapore with my sister on a round the world trip. It was just before Christmas and the streets and malls were lit up and decorated within an inch of their lives, so despite being extremely warm it did feel very festive. A close second would be a work trip to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia where we visited a school in the Highlands just outside the city. The views were spectacular and the lush green hills (complete with monkeys) were an amazing contrast to the city. 
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