Teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the Emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with many  K-12 / Primary or Secondary teaching jobs available

What qualifications are needed to teach in Abu Dhabi at international schools? 

For Primary, Secondary, Elementary, Middle or High Schools, you will need to have a bachelors degree related to your teaching subject and teacher training such as a PGCE, Masters of Education, Bachelors of Education. Abu Dhabi also requires a teaching license which means you are a certified/licensed teacher in your home country. This means full US teacher certification, QTS, SACE, Teacher Registration etc.  A TEFL certificate is not equivalent. 

You can also teach in state schools in the UAE through ESE and FAEE programmes.   and their qualification requirements are the same. 

Do I need teaching experience to teach in Abu Dhabi? 

Most schools require or desire at least 2 years of post qualification teaching experience. This must be validated by 'Experience letters' from your previous employers on letterheaded paper.  All schools, if given the choice, want teachers with expereince as it lowers their risk and the amount of support they need to give you. 

Most schools also prefer teachers who have experience teaching their curriculum. Again, it lowers their risk and the amount of support they need to give you. Some schools are willing to help teachers get their feet on the international ladder, however, and Edvectus has up to date records of which schools will do so, and at what time of the year they are most flexible.  Normally the longer the lead time to the desired start date, the less flexible they will be!

What curriculums do Schools in Abu Dhabi use? 

The most popular curricula are US (Common Core), English National Curriculum (England and Wales), International Baccalaureate and Indian. The state (public) schools  use a bilingual English/Arabic version of the US curriculum that has been modified to suit the local language and culture but note that expatriate children are not allowed to go to state schools. 

Where are schools in Abu Dhabi? 

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the United Arab Emirates and there are schools throughout the region. Abu Dhabi City and Al Ain have the most schools, and Al Gharbia in the west has far fewer. 

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