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Selecting the right school leader is the single most important decision an owner or governing body can make. The right school leader can improve academic results, raise enrolment, increase staff retention and make a vast difference to the bottom line.

Edvectus offers specialised services to schools seeking leaders that focus on finding the right fit. Every region, country and school has different requirements and every school leader has strengths and weaknesses, so finding the right fit is crucial to a successful relationship between leader, school and governing body.

We offer:

  • Ethical recruitment with honesty and integrity
  • A worldwide network primed to generate the best candidates
  • A dedicated leadership consultant to screen and long-list
  • Bespoke packages to suit a variety of needs

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If you are a school leader looking for a job, please email your CV to leadership@edvectus.com

Our Leadership Recruitment Team

Richard Gaskell

Richard has over two decades of experience in the international school sector, having visited, advised and interviewed thousands of school leaders, owners and key stakeholders. Richard is widely known for his market insights and ability to make personal connections for the benefit of all. Richard has an unparalleled professional network and a deep understanding of the varying types and needs of international schools having experienced them first hand, and is proud to offer our clients the benefits of his expertise.  



Diane Jacoutot

Diane has recruited school leaders, inspectors, advisors and staff for international schools since 2005. Diane is the founder of Edvectus and has recruited for a huge variety of international school clients around the world. Edvectus’ flexible, bespoke, honest and forthright culture is a reflection of her professional approach to recruitment.

Diane’s time-tested structured approach to recruitment, combined with Richard’s vast network of school leaders brings the best of all worlds to our clients.



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