Criminal Record Checks and the International Teacher

Child protection is a key issue for international teachers as more and more schools realise the importance of keeping their children safe.police

As a company made up of ex-educators, we also believe strongly that all international teachers should make sure they have documented proof of their criminal record checks in all countries in which they have lived and worked for more than 6 months. More and more, starting with the top quartile schools, this is expected of all incoming staff so don't get caught out. Before you leave any country in which you have lived, you should make sure to get a criminal record check as it’s far easier to get before you depart than from outside.

**International Teachers gather a portfolio of criminal checks from every country in which they have lived for more than 6 months as an adult**

In some countries there are different kinds of checks you can get, and we have listed below the checks that are most appropriate for international teachers where there is a question.    In some countries, standard checks will not show spent convictions or may not list arrests that did not lead to conviction, and regional checks will not show convictions or arrests in a neighbouring state or province.  The countries below, however, have ‘best practice’ checks that offer a more thorough police check which is more suitable to teachers. Schools should accept only the Best Practice Criminal Check to protect themselves.



Best Practice Criminal Check

Other checks available that should not be used

England and Wales

DBS Check with list check, or ICPC check*.

Standard or Basic Police Check,  Police Certificate


Enhanced Disclosure (PVG Scheme) or ICPC

Basic Disclosure

Northern Ireland

Enhanced Disclosure (Access NI) or ICPC

Standard or Basic Disclosure

Republic of Ireland

Garda Check

Local Police check

New Zealand

Police Check (with exception request) or

MOJ Check on letterhead,

Local Police check


Federal Police Check

State Police Check


FBI Check***

Local or State Police Check


Federal RCMP check***. Ideally an RCMP Vulnerable Sector check but they are hard to get unless you are hired domestically

Local Police Check, Regional RCMP Check

South Africa Federal Police Check***  

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*The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) is a new UK agency whose checks replace the combined CRB Enhanced Disclosure and ISA checks in England and Wales.  The UK International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC)/ACRO is similar to a DBS check, but is carried out more quickly and is easier to get if you are overseas.  It runs the same checks as a DBS with list check. Both are acceptable.

 Keep in mind that some countries require the check to be dated within as little as 3 months before your departure so timing might be important if you are going for an updated check. The above is listed as guidance  and is correct at the time of writing but make sure to double check with your Edvectus consultant to get the latest advice.