Police Checks and the International Teacher

Police Checks and the International Teacher

Protecting children from harm is the job of every parent and teacher, and recent cases of child protection issues within an international school context (Not for the faint of heart: two examples here and here)  have really raised awareness in large pockets of the international community and have spurred action. 

I've been involved with a task force formed by the Council of International Schools to set standards for agencies and schools for vetting of potential staff and it's been great to be able to take the high standards that we have put in place into Edvectus into the wider marketplace.  It's all for the good of the children. 

The standards are still being negotiated but one piece of advice to international and internationally bound teachers - before you leave your country PLEASE make sure you get a recent criminal record check. This is likely something that will be asked for with more and more frequency and it's something that's 100 times easier to get before you leave a country than afterwards. If you are not sure what check to get, then contact your Edvectus consultant because in many countries (especially western countries) there are several options.  Below are the ones you should get before you leave your home country: 

  • US: FBI Check (tips on how to get one when abroad here
  • Canada: RCMP vulnerable sector check
  • England and Wales: DBS with list check, or ICPC check 
  • Scotland: Enhanced PVG or ICPC check
  • Northern Ireland: Access NI Enhanced Disclosure or ICPC
  • Ireland: Garda check 
  • Australia: Federal Working with Children Check
  • New Zealand: Police Check with Exception Request
  • South Africa: Police Certificate (National)

See the full list of what checks to get in what country here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/criminal-records-checks-for-overseas-applicants

If you are teaching internationally remember to get a police check before you leave. It is something that should always be in your teaching portfolio because, I can guarantee you if things progress the way I am seeing it, you will eventually be needing it. It's your responsibility as a teaching professional to have a full police check history and to make sure you have professional references. 

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All the best,
Diane Jacoutot,
Managing Director of Edvectus