Teach TEFL English in China

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a great opportunity to teach internationally and experience a fascinating culture in a well-supported, structured environment. To teach English abroad, all you need is a Bachelors degree and a willingness to teach. No prior teaching experience is required!

Edvectus has partnered with a number of large organisations in China to bring teaching opportunities to current and aspiring TEFL (English Foreign Language) teachers.  

The 3 Types of TEFL Teaching Jobs

Language Centers

This is the first job most TEFL teachers do, and it's a great way to start your TEFL teaching career. These jobs usually involve teaching children aged 3-15 in after school and weekend programmes. You will be contracted for about 30-40 hrs/week which includes teaching time and 'office hours' when you do your planning, preparation and meet with students who need extra help. You will get 2 consecutive days off each week but they are normally not Saturday and Sunday as those are prime days for teaching children when they are not in regular school. Class sizes vary depending on the programme but usually range from 5 to 25 children. There are more Language Centre opportunities than any other, so this is the fastest route to begin your teaching journey. Teachers working in language centres get lots of training and plenty of support. 

State Schools

Some of our partners work with government (state) schools. In these schools you will likely be teaching English as a foreign language across several classes and possibly several schools. You will normally work at the younger age ranges of 5-14. Class sizes are usually quite large in state schools from 20-50 children. These jobs are Monday - Friday only and quite competitive so only teachers with 2+ years of English teaching experience are considered. 

Private Schools

Private schools are a substitute for state schools and provide compulsory education for children aged 5-18. These schools hire expatriate teachers to teach English and sometimes other non-core subjects such as PE, Art and Drama (but never the core subjects of Maths, Science, or History which are taught by Chinese teachers to the Chinese curriculum and exams). Class sizes are variable but usually on the larger size. These jobs are Monday - Friday only and quite competitive so only teachers with 2+ years of English teaching experience are considered. 

We recommend you keep your options open and consider all possible job placements, especially on your first time around. Teaching English abroad can open many doors for your future.

All of the options above are excellent opportunities to travel the world, immerse yourself in a new culture, meet other travelers, make lifelong friends, and gain excellent life/work experience that looks impressive on any resume.

TEFL Jobs Salary, Benefits and Support 

All TEFL English teaching jobs will include the following: 

  • Housing or housing allowance
  • Flight reimbursement (the amount varies by placement)
  • Airport pickup and hotel upon arrival
  • Social activities so you can meet other expatriate teachers
  • Medical insurance
  • Legal working visa
  • Orientation upon arrival and with some clients, a pre-departure orientation as well

The salary range is 10,000 to 17,000 RMB per month depending on your qualifications and experience. RMB is the local currency of China. (Approximate conversions of the RMB salary are: $1,325 - $2,525 USD;  £1,000 - £1,900 GBP;  $1,850 - $3,500 AUD; and  $1,945 - $3,675 NZD)

The cost of living in China is much cheaper than in western countries. Since your housing and medical coverage is included in your contract, it's very easy to save money. Your only real expense is your food. This allows you to pay off student loan debt, or save money for travels and more. China country is growing in every way possible at a breakneck pace, and opportunities abound to gain more experience, enroll in our training programs, get in-house teaching certifications, and grow with us!

Requirements for TEFL Teaching Jobs

Teachers must meet the following criteria to be considered:

  • English first-language speakers holding a passport from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland or South Africa.  
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field from one of the countries above
  • TEFL certificate of 120 hours. Candidates who do not hold an appropriate TEFL certification must complete the course online 120 hours and may be reimbursed. (It is okay to apply without a current TEFL certificate, but you will not be issued a work visa until your TEFL course has been completed - so please don't apply unless you are committed). You must complete the course specified by the school.  We recommend Bridge TEFL, and you can get a discounted rate by clicking on THIS LINK
  • Newly qualified teachers, teaching friends, couples, and new University graduates are welcome.

How to Apply

First, make sure you meet the requirements above. Then, fill out the form below. We'll review your information, and if you're qualified, we'll be in touch soon to schedule a final interview with a school representative in China. The representative will be very thorough and provide all the fine details. They can also answer any questions or concerns you may have about living and working in China, and about the school itself.

If you accept your offer to teach TEFL English abroad, we'll provide you with your work visa and all final information to help you get on your way. It's really that simple!


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