Teaching in Oman


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Case studies of teachers placed in Oman




Subtropical and Desert, though the Dhofar region in the south has a monsoon weather pattern.

Average high temperature in Muscat in January 25C (78F), and 35 C (95F) in October

School year

September to June

What teachers like best about it:

Safety, low cost of living, water sports, beautiful scenery (including mountains and beaches) and friendly people

What teachers like least about it:

It is quieter than Dubai


Oman is a naturally beautiful and geographically diverse country that has stunning beaches, rugged mountains, hot deserts and fertile green regions all wrapped up in a friendly package that has for many decades welcomed visitors from far and wide.  Omanis are proud of their country and welcoming to visitors, making it a top destination for teachers and tourists.

The capital city is Muscat which, in contrast to nearby Gulf cities that are packed with gleaming and impersonal skyscrapers, is instead brimming with historical sites such as the 16th century Portuguese built forts of Al-Jalali and Al-Mirani. In addition visitors can enjoy shopping, restaurants, cocktail bars, sports bars and clubs. A stroll along the Corniche is a must, but the real magic of Oman is in the natural surroundings. You can drive into the Hajar mountains or to the Wadi Shab, visit a beach to see sea turtles hatching, climb down to the blue-green waters of the Bimmah sinkhole or go bird watching at the Al Ansab wetland.

Oman has a significant expatriate community but recently has embarked on a policy of “Omanification” to better train and prepare its citizens to take on jobs that are commonly done by expatriates in other countries. This means that Oman has a more authentic and cultural feel whilst not being exclusive or unfriendly in any way.

The expatriate community is more compact and there are a limited number of international schools in Oman, so posts tend to be quite competitive. Oman is well suited to those who are interested in history and outdoor pursuits. If you prefer a flashy nightlife Dubai and Abu Dhabi are within easy reach for weekends away.

The official language of Oman is Arabic, but English is widely spoken, and the national religion is Islam. Like the UAE, Oman is tolerant of other religions as long as they avoid proselytising. Oman has a desert climate, but everything is air-conditioned, from taxis, apartments, shopping malls through to schools.