MOE Student Support

The successful Student Support Advisor is vital to the well-being of both the student and the school as a whole. The Student Support Advisor mentors
and provides advice to the student support teams (including social workers, teachers, nurses, careers counselors etc.) in around 8 – 10 schools.
The Student Support Advisor’s responsibility is to provide counsel, support and direct the student support unit in empowering the students to achieve
their full potential, ensuring they have full access to all the supporting provisions available to them.

Principle duties and responsibilities:

The role will encompass, but will not be limited to, all of the following,

The Role of the Student Support Advisor

• To guide the Student Support Unit to support, hold accountable and develop a team of tutors focusing on high standards of social, personal and academic development of students.

• To support the Student Support Unit to implement a new tutor program.

General responsibilities:

The post holder will be responsible for:

• developing, coordinating, and implementing strategies with the cluster of schools to improve student attendance and attainment, making sure that the school meets all its attendance and punctuality targets and requirements

• Ensure the student support unit in each school is providing effective welfare support and guidance to learners, monitoring students at risk of disengaging in learning and ensuring that effective intervention strategies are in place to keep students on track.

• Co-ordinate strategies to build positive relationships with ‘hard to engage’ parents across the cluster of schools

• Assist with activities to assess and support student engagement

• Ensure a timely and effective ‘at risk’ referral system is in place for your cluster, in line with the Ministry policy.

• Provide advice and guidance to the student support unit on welfare issues, the disciplinary policy and the ‘at risk of disengaging' procedure

• Maintain close links with specialist external agencies and develop effective referral systems

• Attend external meetings, training and events on behalf of the Ministry regarding welfare, 
safeguarding and mental health, liaising effectively with outside agencies where and when necessary and guided to
• To have an overview of the range of barriers to learning that impacting on student progress, with reference to behavior for learning, in and out of the classroom
• To use all of the above to identify underachievement with a view to establishing and coordinating improvement strategies in conjunction with the student support unit and Principals.
• To monitor the effectiveness of these interventions and report to Project Manager termly on the progress being made by the student support unit.
Key targets
This post has key targets that are required for the success of this post. 
• Attendance
• Referral levels
• Student wellbeing
• Behavior in school
• School/agency/partner satisfaction levels
• Service standards
• Parental satisfaction
• Efficiency of the student support unit in each school

Education and Experience Requirements 

• Good Administrative skills
• ICT capability
• Excellent communicator
• Experience of developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating program
• Experience of supervising staff and creating learning and development plans
• Proven track record of success as an outstanding teacher/trainer
• Experience of monitoring performance and intervention strategies to raise performance
• Minimum of 1-year experience in a welfare role or similar
• Experience of case work and appropriate record keeping

• Experience in an educational setting
• Experience of working in the GCC
• Teaching or training experience

Education Requirements
•  Driving license
• Bachelor’s degree in Guidance Counselling, Learning Support or similar health profession
• Previous experience as a Form Tutor is desirable
• Excellent oral and written English essential.

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