Case Study: Susan

A British woman in Dubai

  • Name: Susan 
  • Subject and level: SENCO (Special Needs/Primary and Secondary)

In what country are you teaching now and was it what you expected?

I am teaching in Dubai, UAE. I came to Dubai with an open mind which in retrospect is
what I would encourage others to do. There are aspects to living here that met what I
(kind of!) expected, but most aspects of living here mean that you are out of your comfort
zone, but that's part of the adventure!

Why did you decide to teach abroad? 

My children are grown up and living independently so it was an opportunity I felt I couldn't

How did Edvectus help you find your job?

Edvectus took time to get to know me both personally and professionally which meant
they were able to put me forward for posts that suited my profile. They were proactive
and interviews for posts were promptly arranged. Personal communication was regular
which differed to other agencies where online registration and application processes were
not followed up personally. 

Did you use the Learning Portal?

I found the learning portal invaluable as I had not been through a recruitment process for
a number of years. It gave up to date advice and guidance and I found the section on
interview questions to prepare for helpful in focusing my thoughts and responses.

What do you like about your new job?

I'm enjoying teaching in an international school where the children and staff are from all
over the world - it's very interesting and enables you to appreciate different perspectives.
I'm also enjoying the challenge of adapting my teaching to meet these new demands.
Dubai is a smart and glittering place to live and with its traditional Bedouin roots never far
away, it's a fascinating place to live and work in. Its geographical position also gives easy  
access to exploring neighbouring countries as well as Asia and the Far East which is very

Any advice for teachers going abroad for the first time?

Keep an open mind, be prepared to adapt and be flexible and enjoy the charm of the
country you're in rather than comparing it to your home  country.