Case study- South African teacher in China

First name:  Theresa 

Subject and level:  Teacher Librarian for ECE and Primary

Citizenship: South African

Teaching in: Shanghai, China

Q: In what country are you teaching now and was it what you expected?

A: I’m teaching in Shanghai, China and it is all and more than I expected!  The school is as well organised and resourced as I was led to believe.  It is in a community with high demands and those are met daily.

Q: Did Edvectus help you find your job?

A: I was looking to go teach in the UAE and it was just not working out well for me.  Lisa/The agent encouraged me not to limit myself and go for what I really want - which was a Librarian job. Without her encouragement I might not have done it!

Q: Did the Edvectus learning portal help?

A: As I am older already and this is my first venture into international teaching, I studied each and every bit of information you have on your portal.  I looked at many agencies and your portal made me decide to go with you.  It really prepared me well.

Q: What do you think of your new job and new country?                   

A: It is a challenge and exciting, not boring at all - exactly what I needed.  It really gives ample opportunity for growth and adventure - it might sound cliché; but still true!  It opened doors that I thought were closed forever, for which I’m very grateful.

Q: Do you have any advice for teachers going abroad for the first time?       

Embrace, embrace, embrace!  From observing my fellow new colleagues, I see how important openness to new experiences is, flexibility and a sense of adventure.  And an attitude of gratitude goes a long way!