Case Study: Rachel

A single woman in China

  • Name: Rachel         
  • Subject and level:  Reception / Early Childhood Education


In what country are you teaching now and was it what you expected? 

I am currently in China. No, it is not what I expected, mostly better! I was expecting lots of changes and definitely got them. What I wasn’t expecting was to love the people: both my coworkers and the locals and to discover that opening up to new opportunities can be magical!

Why did you decide to teach abroad?

I love to travel and I wanted a chance combining both teaching with traveling. This seemed like an opportunity to live my dream in a way I never thought possible. 

How did Edvectus help you? 

They helped me decide which school would be the best fit me from their list of partner schools and vacancies. Edvectus also sent me information about different countries and regions so that I could make a more informed decision. I also loved having someone supporting me and helping me find a position that I would not only love, but staying in contact with me to check to make sure I was ready for the move and adjusting to all the new changes. 

Did you use the Edvectus Learning Portal? Did it help?

Yes, I did find these resources very helpful because they informed me about what I could expect and what I needed to prepare for. I also think the videos helped me to relax about what I would or wouldn’t expect in China: i.e., they helped me understand that, yes, China is different in many ways, but it is also full with people who live, love, and want the best out of life, just like my home country.

What you like about your new teaching position and country? 

Of China: The beauty, the history, the exotic, traveling through Asia, learning more about myself than I thought possible.

Of my new position: The people!!! So many people are helping me in everything. Like in the frontier days, expats and locals work together and form a close bond, willing to help/support each other. 

What's your advice for teachers going abroad for the first time? 

Don’t expect to live life the way you always have. If you try to live like you were at home but in a new location (then, first of all, why bother moving?), you will be miserable! Open yourself to new experiences (some you will only try once) and you will discover the big world out there isn’t so big, while you become a strong, more globally-minded person.