Case study - Laurie an American in Oman


An interview with Laurie, an American who is teaching in Oman

Teacher's Name:  Laurie

Subject and level: Special Education/ Elementary Education/ Reading Specialist

Citizenship: USA

Now located in: Oman

Q:In what country are you teaching now and was it what you expected?

A:I spent the past year teaching in Muscat, Oman.  It was more than I expected.  I traveled, lived within an International community and my experiences opened my eyes to life abroad without boundaries between people.  I would not trade the experience.

Q: Why you decided to teach abroad?

A: My youngest son graduated from high school and while we were looking at Universities, we found ourselves in Chicago.  While sitting at the parks downtown, we found ourselves listening to the many languages spoken.  My son looked at me and said, “Mom, you need more than just teaching in our hometown.  You need to go bigger.” The result: I found Edvectus online and thought it was worth at least a year to give it a try.  My school district granted me a year’s leave and the rest is, as they say, history.

Q: How Edvectus helped you find your job?

A: I applied to Edvectus and Stefanie Donly contacted me.  She made the application process easy, guiding me through the steps.  I had two job interviews within a week.  The tough part was making the decision between the two. I actually ended up visiting the school that I had not originally chosen and both countries/schools had amazing staff and administration.  I have lifelong friends within both schools; two different countries.

Q: Did you find the Learning Portal helpful in the job searching process?  

A: Yes, these along with Stefanie’s endless patience were greatly appreciated and helpful.

Q: What you like about your new teaching position and country?   

A: Oman is the country I chose.  I knew nothing about it and it is a very peaceful, hospitable country full of adventure and surprises.

Q: What advice do you have for teachers going abroad for the first time?

A: I watched teachers and exchange students who were successful in their experiences and those who were not.  My advice, first and foremost, is you have to be willing to immerse yourself in the culture.  The natives of that country will embrace you and help make your visit enjoyable and worthwhile.  Will there be times when you might feel a bit homesick?  Maybe, but the gains far outweighed those moments.