Case Study British teacher in Dubai


British Maths teacher placed in Dubai 

Is teaching abroad better or worse than you expected? 

Better than I expected.

Why did you decide to teach abroad: 
I have always wanted to see how it would be like to teach young people from different parts of the world, and experience the different cultures. The good weather is always an added bonus in Dubai where it is sunny all year round. 

How did Edvectus help you? 

I was contacted by an agent through phone and email about positions that were available in the UAE as I had decided this was the only country I would like to teach in. They gave me constant updates and advised me the advantages and disadvantages of each school which helped me make the decision and not feel pressurised into choosing a particular school.
What do you like about your new teaching position and country? 

The best part is when random students that I do not teach will say hello or good morning/afternoon. It makes you feel happier and part of the school community. Having a lighter timetable with plenty of PPA time ensures that most things are completed during school time which frees up my evenings and weekends for me to do other things. I can actually ‘teach’ and feel like human being and not like a robot as I did in the UK. Dubai is an excellent place to live, it is a lot safer and there are plenty of activities to do to keep you entertained. Shopping centres and banks are opened till midnight so you have plenty of time to sort any personal responsibilities and it is very easy to travel around here, whether you catch a taxi, hire or buy a car with very low fuel prices.

What advice do you have for teachers going abroad for the first time? 

I would tell teachers to go with an open mind and do not be afraid of change. Sometimes change can be scary but it can also be good. Everyday becomes an adventure and you will not dread waking up in the morning for work. It will take time to settle but once you have settled you will start to have no regrets. Moving away from home can have a huge impact on yourself as you may be leaving family and friends, but as long as you have it in your mind state that you are starting afresh and willing to make new friends it will be a lot quicker and easier to settle. Remember, there will be a lot of new teachers in your shoes!