Case Study American teacher in Abu Dhabi

Chrisden and a camelCase Study: American Teacher in Abu Dhabi 

In what country are you teaching now and was it what you expected? 

I am currently living and working in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  The experience thus far has been very different than I expected.  I had a lot of assumptions in my mind before coming, and I was so wrong. The place is not as conservative as I believed it would be, and the adjustment has been steady.   

Why you decided to teach abroad?  

I wanted an opportunity to explore how students are educated in another part of the world.  There is so many new concepts to learn from others, and I seen this as my opportunity.  My entire thinking had been surrounded around one country and it was time to broaden my horizon.  

How did Edvectus support you?

From the beginning when I was just looking at websites and pictures of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to the end when I was preparing to fly over, Jordan, my consultant with Edvectus was updating me.  He has great service and was knowledgeable about the journey I had in my future. Edvectus was truly instrumental in the process, and they made the decision much easier than it would have been without them.  

Did you find the Learning Portal helpful in your job search? 

Yes, I did find all of this information useful.  I was probably the one person who viewed and read everything.  I wanted to know what I had coming my way with the move, and Edvectus’ website gave me more than enough.  

What you like about your new teaching position and country? 

I have enjoyed the opportunity to meet new and intelligent people that I would have never run across if I would have stayed in the U.S.  Also, I have enjoyed the chance to work with students abroad and help them see the greater picture for their lives’.

What advice do you have for teachers going abroad for the first time? 

Go in to this experience with an open mind about other cultures and environments. You must be flexible and take it day by day. There will be moments when reflection and refocus are needed, but remember your goals for coming and you should be awesome.