Business Teacher UAE MOE

Business Teacher

The Ministry of Education in the UAE is looking for qualified Business teachers to join their team in the upcoming school year. Applicants must be able to:

  • Teach and assess competencies in a range of business related areas
  • Develop and share curriculum, teaching methods and resources
  • Advise and assist students to develop their educational and career plans.
  • Raise awareness of the facilities and support those that are available
  • Perform a range of administrative duties associated with teaching, learning and assessment
  • Provide advice and assistance to students, employers and members of the community and generally promote technical and further education and the Institute
  • Be involved in and assist as required within the corporate life of the Institute meeting quality educational standards


Essential Functions include:

Adapt and work to the local working environment and local anomalies and ensure full integration with Emirati counterparts.

• teaching and assessing students;

• developing teaching and assessment resources;

• maintaining student and course records; and

• Advising any issues relating to students.


Experience Required   

Minimum of 3 years relevant teaching experience at a recognized educational Institute. Experience in the Gulf region preferable

Sound understanding of technologies that support educational development and current with technology development is an advantage.

Education Requirements       

Relevant Business degree from an accredited higher education institution.

Teaching and / or recognized assessor qualification (eg PGCE, Cert.Ed. A and V awards)

Membership of professional association, Institute or body.

IELTS 7.0 Academic for non-Native English speakers.

To Apply:

Note: We cannot recruit teachers already currently working in the UAE. 

Applicants must provide all of the following documents to Edvectus (your consultant, or or upload to your candidate portal on our website) for their initial application:

  • Your CV with dates of employment showing months and years (eg from mm/yyyy to mm/yyyy for each item of your work history.  

Scans of:

  • Your highest degree certificate(eg Bachelors, Masters or PhD) **Must be in .PDF format**
  • Your highest degree transcript  **Must be in .PDF format**
  • A colour copy of a passport photo (scanned) **Must be in .JPEG  format**
  • Your ILETS certificate if you do not have a passport from the US, UK, Aus, NZ, CAN, IRE or SA   **Must be in .PDF format**
  • Your passport photo page with at least 1 year until it expires **Must be in .pdf**

Unfortunately applications are not allowed unless all documents are received.

Alternately, fill ou the form below: