Whole School Principal - Selangor, Malaysia -October 2024

School - South East Asia
IPC , Other, United Kingdom
Early Years (0-4), Primary-Lower (5-7), Primary-Upper (8-11), Secondary/ Middle(12-15), Secondary/High(16-18)
Start Date:
01 October 2024
Curriculum Experience Required:
No - flexible
We are seeking an exceptional Principal to lead a developing International School in KL. Malaysia.

• Increase admission rate through promotional and marketing initiatives.
• Ensure development of up to date and accurate business intelligence on competitors and operating environment.
• Build and maintain contacts with current and prospective parents.
• Identify and evaluate opportunities and focus on areas which could benefit the Company in the long run.
• Actively participate and encourage staff participation in parent-teacher and other community groups, as a means of developing understanding, cooperation, and respect for school objectives and endeavours.
• Ensure that teaching methods are effective, innovative, and cater to the diverse needs of students.
• Encourage professional development and provide opportunities for staff to enhance their skills and knowledge.
• Implementation and monitoring of the school’s learning policy.
• Develop new academic and interscholastic programmes and track data related to the success of such programmes.
• Work in close coordination with the academic team at RO to ensure that the school is meeting the required educational standards.
• Act as the administrative head of the school to ensure timely dissemination of information to all concerned people/channels and ensure smooth running of school.
• Evaluate periodically and ensure the school’s adherence to health, safety and civil codes.
• Collaborate with the Section Heads for conducting a SWOT analysis for the school.
• In conjunction with the Section Heads, Regional Head of Education and Education team at RO and Regional Director, prepare an annual School Improvement Plan (SIP) and ensure its effective implementation.

Qualification & Experience Requirements
● Master's degree in Education, Educational Leadership, or a related field
● A minimum of 7 years of experience in educational senior leadership, preferably in an international K-12 school setting.
● A proven track record of successful school management and leadership.
● Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
● Strong organisational and problem-solving abilities.
● A deep understanding of international educational standards and practices
● Competent knowledge of the Cambridge International education curricula (IGCSE).
● Advanced proficiency in ICT applications e.g. Google Workspace/Office 365 etc. , school operational and financial management skills.
● Competent knowledge of best academic practices & procedures and whole school operations.
● Knowledge in school improvement practices, staff development techniques.
● Thorough understanding of managing crises and experienced in successfully navigating through them.

Good salary, and benefits, incl Flights, Medical, relocation etc.

Class Level Reception year to Year 11 (Potentially opening up A level in the near future)
Current Student Population 498: Capacity 1,055
School Staff 69 (53 teaching staff, 3 SLT, 13 Support)

Email: leadership@edvectus.com with CV and Cover letter
Number Of Students:
Student Make Up:
Some expats but mostly Malaysian pupils
Regional Info:
The school is in Selangor, Malaysia in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur which is the capital city of Malaysia and the 6th most visited city in the world. It is the most populous city in the country identified by its rich heterogeneous make up mainly Malays, Chinese and Indian. Its cultural diversity, relatively low costs and wide gastronomic and shopping variety make it a very popular destination and once here expatriates and tourists alike will have plenty to experience. It has great entertainment hubs centered in the Golden Triangle housing trendy nightclubs, bars and lounges. Throughout the city there are 66 shopping malls, historical landmarks, museums, parks and the world's tallest twin towers, the Pretonas Towers. For more information on Malaysia please see http://www.edvectus.com/Content/Documents/malaysia.pdf
Tax Rate:
Taxes typically 16-25%
1 bedroom apartment, 2 bedroom
Flights -yearly, Gratuity or end of service bonus, Housing- allowance, Medical or Health insurance
Suited To:
Activity - swimming beaches, Activity-typical water sporting types, Climate - warmer, Dependent children - more suitable, Holiday destination - yes typical, Suburban, Urban, Westernised - highly, Westernised - moderately, Women - not restrictive
Curriculum Experience Required:
No - flexible
Visa Restriction:
2 years post qualification teaching exp requd, Younger than 60
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