Why we jump


In Hong Kong recently, a Japanese circus performer and his dog broke the world record for leg jumping. In 30 seconds the dog jumped over the performer’s leg 37 times. It was a pretty amazing feat for both, though the guy looked more exhausted than the dog at the end of it.

Jumping is something international teachers do too. You jump into a new job, a new culture, new friends and a new lifestyle. It can be scary and tiring, doing all that jumping at once. Wouldn’t it be easier if you stayed home instead?

In some ways, yes. However, I always tell teachers to remember why you applied in the first place, because those hopes and dreams for something better than what you have now will go unfulfilled. You will never experience those new ways of teaching, a new culture and way of life, new foods and exotic holidays, and you will never make friends with all the other new teachers who have the same hopes and dreams you have. 

International schools change about 20% of their staff every year, because of the transient nature of international teachers who tend to do 1-3 contract renewals and then move on to a new adventure, or return home (often with a hefty bank balance which can be a nice deposit on a new house). So you will most definitely not be the only ‘new kid on the block’ and you can be assured that the other teachers at the school are more alike you than they are different.

I love international teachers. They tend to be inquisitive, confident, accepting, fun, and adventurous and certainly not set in their ways ….otherwise they would have stayed home. You will be in very good company.

Jumping can be hard work. But remember that it will be worth it once you land. 
Best wishes, 
Diane Jacoutot 
Managing Director, Edvectus

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