Webinars - Helping teachers learn

New for 2023-2024, Edvectus is hosting free webinars for teachers looking to know before they go.   Missed the last series? Don't despair! You can watch the video recordings of our webinars here:  

Making your CV work for you- done in conjunction with COBIS - the Council for British International Schools:


Teaching jobs at Emirates School Establishment in the UAE, including interviews with teachers already there:   https://youtu.be/AxrZmfXa6Dk

Teaching in China - what you need to know including an interview with an experienced teacher who just returned from China:     https://youtu.be/EIJm9MCOhyM

Teaching abroad for the first time- what you need to know :   https://youtu.be/-NHYzB7_Qz0