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Colombia – teaching and travelling

We have some great opportunities to teach in Colombia that offer great salaries and benefits but we find that most people don’t understand how Colombia has changed over the past 10 years. Below we interview Hannah who has recently come back from travelling extensively for 6 months through Latin America (by local bus!) and named Colombia her favourite country in South and Central America.

When did you visit Colombia and where did you go?

I visited Colombia in May 2016 and spent almost a month traveling from Medellin, through Bogota to the border town of Ipiales before crossing into Ecuador. Bogota is a city of old and new, with beautiful old plazas and cathedrals surrounded by skyscrapers, shopping malls, restaurants and night clubs. Medellin is a very lively city, with expat areas and good nightlife, the downtown area has seen a lot of positive changes in recent years and feels modern and up and coming. Outside of these two major cities Colombia has fantastic coffee plantations and mountainous regions, beautiful beaches in the north and smaller towns that are steeped in history and culture. I spent time hiking in Salento, exploring salt mines outside of Bogota, salsa dancing in Cali, strolling the streets of the white city of Popayan and visiting a cathedral built into the side of a gorge in Ipiales.


What struck you most about the country?

The Colombian people are really friendly and generous, they make you feel very welcome. The country is beautiful and incredibly colourful, from the buildings, to the deep green of the mountains and the fantastic weather - what more could you want!


Did you feel safe?

I did feel safe. I travelled through Latin and South America and Colombia was one of the countries I felt safest in. Colombia has had some really bad press but it isn’t the dangerous place it once was and this is evident from the people themselves. The locals want to share their history and country with both travellers and expats. But at the same time, as with any city, pay attention and listen if someone says to avoid a certain area.


What advice do you have for teachers who might consider working in Bogota?

Do your research, Bogota is a big, hectic, fascinating city and might not be for everyone but don’t rule it out straight away. Living and working in Bogota would be a fantastic experience; Bogota has the highest number of international schools in Colombia and therefore a higher number of expats and expat areas. Salaries and packages are some of the best and just think how good your Spanish will become by spending a few years there! It has a low cost of living, the food is great, it is a city that will continue to surprise you when you explore it, it is easy to get out of the city for weekend breaks and your friends and family will definitely want to visit you! Colombia is an amazing country and I would recommend it to anyone!

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