My top 5 hilights of travel in China

Every so often, Edvectus likes to have a theme week; one where we can really focus on a particular country we recruit to. We spend a week talking about the culture, fascinating facts and the professional opportunities available for teachers. This week it is ‘China week’. Talking about ‘China’ as a whole is tough because the sheer size of it means that you can experience so many different cultures and environments across the country.

But this morning, I took some time to reflect on my experiences in China. Here are my top 5 adventures that I have had the pleasure to experience during my various trips to the country, though I could have listed many more and hope to return to China many times in the future.

Number 1: Travelling through the countryside on a coach of beds- not seats! 

This may exist in other countries but I have certainly never experienced it, and what a great idea! Why sit up uncomfortable in a chair for 8 hours when you can be lying down having a nap to be refreshed for your day. And the locals, who were far more organised than us, were quick to share their pre-prepared midnight feast goodies!

 Number 2: Some of the best food I ever tasted!

Ok, so I am cheating on this one as this is more than one experience. But two particular highlights- and extreme different ends of the spectrum, was afternoon dim sum tea in Hong Kong, and eating a feast for less than £10 at a ‘Dai Pai Dong’ (a Hong Kong shopping and street food market). 

Once in Shanghai I also went to a local restaurant where they had attempted to translate the menu into English, I certainly hope they hadn’t paid much for the translation! Not sure what I ordered in the end- but the picture looked good, and it tasted amazing.

 Number 3: Visit to the Yangshou country.

Yangshou is a resort town in southern China where a lot of Chinese spend their holidays. Highlights of this trip included a boat trip down the Li River and the most amazing light show I ever seen, performed whilst the actors are on boats, in light costumes, against the back drop of the mountains. Photos simply cannot do this show justice, but we tried to take a few!  

Read more about it here:

Number 4: Walking the Great Wall of China

Sometimes I worry that when you have seen lots of photos, and heard lots about, a particular ‘wonder’, that the reality won’t live up to your imagination. However the Great Wall visit absolutely did for me. There are different starting points, some less touristy than others. This was one of the best days during my visit to Beijing in 2012.

Number 5: Enjoying the view of the ‘Pearl’ in Shanghai whilst enjoying a 5 star cocktail

The city of Shanghai has an endless number of positive things that could be said about it. One of its beauties for me was the skyline, beautiful buildings and bright colours. One of which, and probably the most famous is known as the ‘Pearl’. The Ritz Carlton in Pudong has a drinks terrace that overlooks the Pearl and is simply breath-taking at night. And what’s even better, this is China, so even with this view and the quality of the hotel, still half the price you would pay for the equivalent experience in London.

Hope you enjoyed and please feel free to share your experiences ready for my ‘to do list’ on my next trip!

by Lisa (Davenport) Ichane

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