China Week Day 1: Beijing

About Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China but it is not the largest city in China. Beijing is second to Shanghai in terms of size.  Being the capital city means that you will have access to some amazing opportunities and things to do, such as

  • Visit one of the largest museums in the world: The National Museum of China. It’s 47 acres and has artefacts spanning 5000 years.
  •  See the largest palace in the world, the Forbidden City, called thus because it was forbidden to enter or leave without the Emperor’s permission.
  • Olympics! Beijing is the first city to host both summer in 2008 and, in 2022, the winter Olympics.
  • Nightlife: Beijing has excellent nightlife. Whether you are into dance clubs, Irish bars, cocktail lounges, karaoke or jazz, you will find it in Beijing.
  • Beijing’s metro system is cheap and huge. There are 22 lines and depending on how far you go, the cost is between 3 and 9 CNY (US$ 0.50 to 1.30) and you can buy a smart card to make it seamless as well as fast, safe and cheap!

Here's a list of fun things to do when you are in Beijing from taking a slide down the Great Wall to visiting the Art district to stopping by the Watermelon Museum: 

There are over 150 International schools in Beijing with more being built as I write this. Could you be working in one of them next year?