2023 International School Hiring Trends

2023 looks to be the first real ‘post-Covid’ year for most of the world. Borders are largely open to vaccinated visitors, schools are back to in-person teaching and the world has become vastly more predictable. It feels good! 

Thanks to high oil prices, the Middle East will be quite vibrant next year. Although there is some lingering uncertainty about the effects of widespread recession elsewhere, most schools will feel secure in their hiring and competition for jobs will go up as teachers flock to a safe haven.

China schools are definitely hiring and borders are more predictably open. Salaries are still the highest we see, and cost of living remains low. The challenges are the ongoing Covid lockdowns and the long visa/quarantine processes. However, teachers who are looking to save the most possible will be looking here. Schools hire early in China and Hong Kong, and we expect lots of jobs on offer.

South East Asia will be another vibrant area, due to the after-effects of China’s lockdown policies. Salaries are not nearly as high as China and the Middle East, but the very low cost of living make it affordable and relaxed lifestyle are a big draw. SEA schools look for academic teachers who are career driven.

Europe, Latin America and Africa are all likely to see job openings, but at the same time all three are likely to be affected by a global/near global recession. So we expect some but not loads of opportunity there.

With the looming cost of living problems and recessions at home, we think it’s a great year to look abroad and enjoy all-inclusive employment packages with great savings potential.

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