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New York’s Common Core Standard Ignites Dubai

Ignite School of Dubai, U.A.E. has announced that it will be following the New York State Common Core learning standards when it opens its doors for the first time in September 2018, making it the third new school in Dubai to align itself with New York curriculum. <img alt="ignite...
Date: 14th Dec 2017 Comments: 5

China Week-Why you should consider teaching in China

This week is China Week at Edvectus where we spend a week sharing cultural insights, fun facts, teacher experiences and interesting job opportunities. Why? Because China as the second highest number of international schools in the world, and this trend is showing no signs...
Date: 5th Dec 2017 Comments: None

A Travel Junkies Guide to Teaching in China

Teaching in China- A Travel Junkies Diary One of the reasons teachers work abroad is to travel and...
Date: 4th Dec 2017 Comments: 1

Teach and Travel in Colombia Latin America

Colombia – teaching and travelling We have some great opportunities to teach in Colombia that offer great salaries and benefits but we find that most people don’t understand how Colombia has changed over the past 10 years. Below we interview Hannah who has recently...
Date: 6th Nov 2017 Comments: 8

Before you go

Taking a job in an international school is not as simple as changing schools at home. You are starting two new ‘jobs’ at the same time – one as a teacher in a new school and one as an expatriate abroad. No wonder it can seem so overwhelming at times.  <h2...
Date: 14th Jul 2017 Comments: None
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