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Taking the plunge to teach in Moscow - Clara's story

Three years ago, I decided that I was in need of an adventure. Having just completed my B.Ed I was eager to begin teaching full time. Ireland had too many teachers and not enough jobs. Piles of paperwork and the prospect of relentless rejection were my worst nightmare.  I was open to...
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Advice from an international teacher

This is an exerpt from a blog called 'Landing Gear Down' written by Matt Preston. Matt and his wife are British teachers who embarked on their life abroad with their twins 2 years ago. You can read about their adventures on Matt's blog <a...
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My life is a journey and it took me to China

In 2008 I packed up and left my country with a one way ticket to China. I had no idea what to expect and had not done much research about the city I was about to move to. I had reached a point in my life where I needed to change something and landing a job at a kindergarten in Shaanxi...
Date: 22nd Jun 2016 Comments: 1

My top 5 hilights of travel in China

Every so often, Edvectus likes to have a theme week; one where we can really focus on a particular country we recruit to. We spend a week talking about the culture, fascinating facts and the professional opportunities available for teachers. This week it is ‘China week’. Talking...
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Getting more flexible

I was awoken every morning last week by the sun coming up at 5am. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand it’s a sure sign that summer is almost here in England –we get more than 16 hrs of daylight at times, which makes me happy. On the other hand, I hate waking up at...
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Teaching in Kuwait

Kuwait Week Every now and then we like to have a bit of fun at Edvectus (while still doing our jobs) and we have dubbed next week Kuwait Week. We all feel that Kuwait languishes in the shadow of its more famous Gulf neighbours Abu Dhabi and Dubai, yet for teachers...
Date: 5th May 2016 Comments: 22

What's beautiful to you? How living abroad might change your viewpoint

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been travelling visiting clients in Asia. I started out in Abu Dhabi with the Oil Company schools, the IB schools group in Abu Dhabi, and the Abu Dhabi Education Council government schools, and then it was on to Beijing for school visits and an international...
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5 things that might stand in your way when teaching abroad

It's easy to imagine yourself teaching abroad but knowing the obstacles in your way will help you get there. Below are the top 5 things that might prevent you from getting the job you want.  1. Age and experience.  Many popular countries have...
Date: 21st Jan 2016 Comments: 12

Flatpack: Don't panic when moving abroad

The decision to move abroad can sometimes take minutes, or it can take years. But the act of moving abroad usually takes months.  The preparation needed to move abroad should not be underestimated, nor should it be feared. I was reminded of this rollercoaster of emotions this weekend....
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The decision to move abroad can sometimes take minutes, or it can take years. But the act of moving abroad usually takes months.  The preparation needed to move abroad should not be underestimated, nor should it be feared. I was reminded of this rollercoaster of emotions this weekend....
Date: 24th Nov 2015 Comments: 1

3 Things Not to Say During an International School Job Interview

There are over 7000 international schools, worldwide with 500 new schools added each year. You would like to try living and teaching abroad and now you are one step closer – you have been asked for an interview for a job in a great location.  How can you ensure you <img alt=""...
Date: 21st Jul 2015 Comments: 2

7 Things to Pack when Teaching Abroad

We’ve all packed for holidays and most of us have moved house at one point or another at least once. But moving internationally to an international school job requires a different type of packing that sits right between the two. Here's a list of 7 things you might want to bring with...
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Ramadan and the International Teacher

Ramadan and You  The Holy Month of Ramadan will start on 18th of June 2015. If you are headed for a job in the Middle East, Central Asia or Southeast Asia it is important to learn about Ramadan and how it may affect you.  What is...
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Broken Promises

Broken Promises  It’s election time in many countries across the world.  In the US  the election campaigns are kicking off more than a year ahead of time and...
Date: 15th Apr 2015 Comments: None

East and East: Comparing schools across the regions

I have just returned from a whirlwind trip to the Far East and SE Asia where I did some presentations at conferences, spoke to Principals, visited schools and met with Edvectus' Hong Kong based staff. Then today, across my desk came <a...
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Webinar- Oil Company Schools in Abu Dhabi

If you missed our webinar covering the opportunities at Oil Company schools in Abu Dhabi, you can watch it now! 
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I write today with one eye on the BBC website, watching events unfold in Paris. It makes me, as someone who believes in tolerance and respect, really think about the impact of words and actions on others.   I find that internationally bound teachers sometimes have anxiety...
Date: 9th Jan 2015 Comments: 1

Where in the world should I teach?

When teachers are looking for a job at home, it's relatively simple - you generally know when schools hire, where they advertise and what they look for. You can drive by the school and get an idea of the neighborhood and the commute. You might even know someone who is at the school so you...
Date: 16th Dec 2014 Comments: 17

What you need to know about teaching abroad for the first time

Many people think about teaching abroad.. here's what you need to know before you go What kind of job can I get? Most foreign countries have educational requirements based on the kind of school that hires you. If you are teaching English as a Foreign Language...
Date: 25th Nov 2014 Comments: 54

Understanding the Middle East

It was announced today that the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani is passing control of the...
Date: 8th Oct 2014 Comments: None
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