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Kazakhstan Week and the Overlooked Neighbour

In England, a 71 year old grandmother earned a black belt in karate after being attacked by a neighbour after a row about cat poo. That's...
Date: 6th Oct 2014 Comments: None

Learn, Share, Teach and Earn-How to Network for Success

After a 48 hour tweeting marathon we have successfully hit our target of 300 Retweets, which...
Date: 1st Oct 2014 Comments: None

Police Checks and the International Teacher

Police Checks and the International Teacher Protecting children from harm is the job of every parent and teacher, and recent cases of child protection...
Date: 22nd Sep 2014 Comments: 1

En Francais

There has been an ongoing debate in the UK about the teaching of foreign languages. On one hand the government has funded and...
Date: 8th Sep 2014 Comments: None

What personality is best for teaching abroad?

Do you have the right personality to teach abroad? In Germany, a one-a rmed cyclist was fined 25 euro for breaking road safety...
Date: 16th Jul 2014 Comments: 22

The Deal with China

The Premier of China was in the UK this week and signed a deal with the UK worth £14 billion. That’s more than the entire GDP of Bahrain.   ...
Date: 19th Jun 2014 Comments: None

Ni Hao

I listened to a very interesting podcast this week. It was an interview with the author of a book that explores the tension between old...
Date: 6th Jun 2014 Comments: None

US Terminology and Curriculum

US Schools Terminology and Curriculum Like every educational system, the US system has its own...
Date: 23rd Apr 2014 Comments: None

How to Successfully Chart the Seas of an International Teaching Career

So you’ve slogged your way through hellish teaching placements...
Date: 7th Apr 2014 Comments: None

Is Uniformity the Best Policy?

The US is currently in the throes of a major educational debate: should it nationalise its curriculum or retain...
Date: 7th Mar 2014 Comments: None

The Travelling Teacher's Toolbox

Every educator knows just how important it is to have a tool box that is replete with the tools needed to...
Date: 15th Feb 2014 Comments: None

Ground control to Major Tom: We have Website Liftoff!

Through our unique Learning Portal you will be able to access over 500 resources...
Date: 10th Jan 2014 Comments: None
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