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China Week-Why you should consider teaching in China

This week is China Week at Edvectus where we spend a week sharing cultural insights, fun facts, teacher experiences and interesting job opportunities. Why? Because China as the second highest number of international schools in the world, and this trend is showing no signs...
Date: 5th Dec 2017 Comments: 1

Leadership jobs

Leadership jobs Below are the key leadership jobs open at the moment. All require previous relevant Principal/Vice Principal experience, as per our standards HERE.  If you are interested please contact...
Date: 16th Jun 2017 Comments: None

Breaking Contracts - How & Why to Avoid It

When searching for a teaching job overseas, it's difficult to know who to trust or what to believe. While there are very reputable schools in the international market, there are others that will not hesitate to falsely  advertise or renege on contractual obligations after...
Date: 2nd Sep 2016 Comments: 25

Getting more flexible

I was awoken every morning last week by the sun coming up at 5am. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand it’s a sure sign that summer is almost here in England –we get more than 16 hrs of daylight at times, which makes me happy. On the other hand, I hate waking up at...
Date: 1st Jun 2016 Comments: None

5 things that might stand in your way when teaching abroad

It's easy to imagine yourself teaching abroad but knowing the obstacles in your way will help you get there. Below are the top 5 things that might prevent you from getting the job you want.  1. Age and experience.  Many popular countries have...
Date: 21st Jan 2016 Comments: 12

3 Things Not to Say During an International School Job Interview

There are over 7000 international schools, worldwide with 500 new schools added each year. You would like to try living and teaching abroad and now you are one step closer – you have been asked for an interview for a job in a great location.  How can you ensure you <img alt=""...
Date: 21st Jul 2015 Comments: 2

Broken Promises

Broken Promises  It’s election time in many countries across the world.  In the US  the election campaigns are kicking off more than a year ahead of time and...
Date: 15th Apr 2015 Comments: None

What you need to know about teaching abroad for the first time

Many people think about teaching abroad.. here's what you need to know before you go What kind of job can I get? Most foreign countries have educational requirements based on the kind of school that hires you. If you are teaching English as a Foreign Language...
Date: 25th Nov 2014 Comments: 54

Kazakhstan Week and the Overlooked Neighbour

In England, a 71 year old grandmother earned a black belt in karate after being attacked by a neighbour after a row about cat poo. That's...
Date: 6th Oct 2014 Comments: None

Learn, Share, Teach and Earn-How to Network for Success

After a 48 hour tweeting marathon we have successfully hit our target of 300 Retweets, which...
Date: 1st Oct 2014 Comments: None

How to Successfully Chart the Seas of an International Teaching Career

So you’ve slogged your way through hellish teaching placements...
Date: 7th Apr 2014 Comments: None

Ground control to Major Tom: We have Website Liftoff!

Through our unique Learning Portal you will be able to access over 500 resources...
Date: 10th Jan 2014 Comments: None
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